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Our history

Saudi K-Span is a %100 Saudi owned company established in 1983, specialized in fabrication and
installation of various types of steel works.
Saudi K-Span has its unique system of construction using an American system called K-Span building
system, that gives you the facility to fabricate and construct buildings up to 25.00 meter span with
unlimited length in few days.
K-Span construction system is based on the arch action of K-Span arched panels that allow for 25.00
meter span and 8.00 meter height with no intermediate columns, this advantage enables our client to
have large areas to be utilized with no obstructions in the storage / working area.
In brief, K-Span system is an economic, rapid and practical method to construct warehouses,
workshops, camps, labour housing and any other type of steel buildings.
In addition to our main field of utilizing K-Span structures, we are dealing with all kinds of steel structures
such as pre-engineered structures, car sheds using all cladding material available in the market, steel
fences, decorative steel including doors, windows and handrails.
Inside this pre-qualification file you will and a brief description of our products, that gives you an idea
about our work.