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“The River Br TOPICS: Su TeatroTheater ReviewsThe River Bride

By Joe Contreras, Latin Lifetime Denver/America Media

The River Bride can be fantastically entertaining because it fascinating. A little bit of a Disney fairy-tale but more of Guillermo del Toro’s “The model of Water”. An account of folklore, love, regret and resentment. Exactly what a web that is tangled in cases like this web we’ve weaved.

The tale occurs in fishing village nestled deeply along Brazilian Amazon River.

Folklore has it that river dolphins, or botos, at certain times, are transformed into human being kinds and come on coast to seduce the ladies associated with the town in hopes of finding real love and a spouse. All within 3 days or they need to come back to their life of solitary.

Fishing is the way the grouped family members in this tale makes it is living. (more…)